One red key in a sea of blue keys.
5 mins

Samsung lost its Android app-signing key—and didn’t replace it

Our chief engineer of VPN technologies weighs in on the recent revelation over a worrying stance taken by Samsung.
alt= "phones-for-kids"
12 mins

Phones for kids: A buying guide to age-appropriate tech

Your kid wants a phone? Here are tips on what type of device to get them.
stream foreign Christmas movies on Netflix
6 mins

Best foreign Christmas movies and series on Netflix

By that we mean “not in English”—and absolutely binge-worthy.
streaming push play button
9 mins

Best new shows and movies to stream in December 2022

Besides heaps of holiday content, December has Will Smith’s comeback bid, the highly touted Knives Out sequel, and a Witcher spin-off starring Michelle Yeoh. Plus the World Cup final on December 18!
Tech Friend by ExpressVPN
1 min

Introducing Tech Friend, ExpressVPN’s advice column

Have a question about online privacy or everyday technology? Send it to us, and we might answer it in a future article.
Detect Predator spyware
3 mins

What is Predator spyware, and how to check if your device...

It turns phones into surveillance tools, and governments are using it. Here’s how to protect yourself.
movie reel with a festive bow
16 mins

The 59 best Christmas movies to stream in 2022

We bring good tidings, with a slew of new Christmas movies being released this year—here’s where to stream your favorite Christmas movie in 2022.


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How to detect hidden spy cameras

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